2014 Teacher Pay Rally

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     Dear Citizens,

     We cannot afford another two years of the following:

                    ·            Major education cuts on all levels

                    ·         Teacher Layoffs

                    ·         Lack of State Employees cost of living increase

                    ·         Opposition to  Affordable Healthcare Act

                    ·         War on  Women’s Rights

                    ·         No Economic Development/Jobs Plan

                    ·         Threats of Voter Suppression

                    ·         No Environmental Conservation Plan

     The Republicans have cut Education by over $600 million. North Carolina is ranked 49th in per pupil spending in the US. Since the Republican majority in the General       Assembly following 2010 elections unemployment remains high in North Carolina.

    Join me in doing the following:

        ü  Invest in our Children’s Education from Pre-K to Higher Education

        ü  Put our Teachers and Support Staff back to work

        ü  Pay our State Employees accordingly

        ü  Keep Affordable Healthcare

        ü  Allow Women to  Govern over their own bodies

        ü  Have a plan to increase Economic Development/Jobs

        ü  Protect the Right to Vote

        ü  Have a Environment Conservation Plan that Protects  the environment

    What can you do?

        ·         Make your voice heard by casting YOUR vote

        ·         Encourage others to VOTE

        ·         Financially support our campaign against the GOP machine

        ·         Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer…….


    Robin Bradford

    Posted Sep 18, 2012, 12:13 PM by Nakiya J Cohen
  • July 2, 2012


    Today our General Assembly has turned "Back the Hands of Time"!


    The Racial Justice Act was overturned and there are potentially enough votes to allow fracking in North Carolina in spite of the Governor’s veto. Next education will not be available to all children of North Carolina if the General Assembly continues to overturn the Governor's Vetoes.

     Who we elect matters!! We are seeing the results of low voter turnout in 2010 and not supporting candidates that truly have the "best interest of North Carolina" in mind. We need to work smarter and together to make sure North Carolina is restored to the leading state that it once was.

     If it is important to you to take a stand and say “I will not allow the current General Assembly or like minded candidates to continue to destroy North Carolina!”; I need your support!

     Show that you want North Carolina to be a leader in:

    ·         Education

    ·         Economic Development/Jobs

    ·         Health Care

    ·         Social Justice & Civic Liberties

    Show your support for "Common Sense Leadership"!!!

    To ensure that the right candidate is elected more than your vote is needed. Multiply the impact of your support by volunteering, providing financial support and spreading the word.  

    Donations can also be made by mail PO Box 963 Huntersville, NC 28078 or ActBlue

    Posted Jul 10, 2012, 8:54 AM by Nakiya J Cohen
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